Action: Eleonas – Δράση: Ελαιώνας

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Urban Void is planning for December 2007 an action to rescue the area of Eleonas of Athens.  Part of this action is taking place in Sao Paolo through a collection of signatures.
Eleonas constitutes today an urban void located only three kilometers away from the city centre, Omonoia square. This is a territory of disparate uses that co-exist: small manufacturers, warehouses, shipping agencies, Byzantine churches, gipsy reservations, residences, labyrinthine routes, even small vegetable patches. In 1995, via presidential decree, the area was earmarked for greenery for the residents of Athens.
Today, in this important area for the city—more so after the destruction of a substantial part of the woodlands of mount Parnitha by fire in June 2007-the Municipality of Athens as well as several large construction companies are promoting the plan of situating a football stadium and a venue for various commercial activities in an area of 220 acres, out of which the stadium only accounts for 40. Tens of Roma families have already been violently displaced from the real estate on Agh. Polykarpos Street.
The committee of Residents for the Rescue of Eleonas has taken the case to the Supreme Court and is fighting to save Eleonas.


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